What is Brazilian Ginseng?

GinsengWhat is Brazilian Ginseng (Suma?)

Brazilian Ginseng, also known as Suma, is the root of a plant similar to traditional ginseng, but it is not related to it. The root is harvested, and either dried and ground into a powder, or extracted as liquid. It grows in the forests of Brazil, and has been used there for years to treat a variety of medical conditions. It contains a variety of essential vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids.

Forms of Suma

Suma can be found in a few different forms:

  • Capsules and Tablets: These are used to supplement the diet when you would rather swallow a pill than use a powder or liquid form.
  • Powders: The suma root is ground into a powder and then compacted into pill form with emulsifying ingredients to make the capsules and tablets, or sold as a loose powder for use in healthy drinks and recipes.
  • Liquid: Suma extract is also available in liquid forms, for those who want to mix it into their drinks, sauces, and soups without having to worry about the consistency issues resulting from using the powdered form.

Many health food products are also including suma in their formulas for its nutritional value. The nutrition does not change depending on the form you use, but some forms may make the nutrients more easily absorbed in the body.

Suma Extract Uses

Suma extract has many different uses. It is often used to help boost the immune system, assist in balancing hormones, assist in cancer treatment, and more. However, more clinical research needs to be conducted to determine just how effective Brazilian Ginseng can be at helping with these conditions.

Read through this website to learn more about the various suma benefits, to help you determine if it could help you.